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Swimming into Summer with Custom Art

When I was a child I used to look at the pictures in the Encyclopedia Brittanica (we didn’t have the internet back then) and some of my favorite pictures were of the dolphins and orcas. All I had available was a regular #2 pencil and regular paper, but I would look at those pictures and create my own drawings of them. After many iterations of these drawings my Mom bought me some tracing paper, and that helped me learn how to get the shapes right. In high school I had an art teacher who taught me how to get the lights and darks of the shading right. I drew this picture of a dolphin in rememberance of those days when I used to copy pictures of dolphins out of the encyclopedia.

What is your favorite animal? I have trouble choosing a favorite, I like so many of them. They all have their own unique personalities and traits. I do love horses but have never been able to own my own horse. I love my chickens and ducks and goats and cats too. The alpacas are comical though standoffish, and even the dog can be entertaining sometimes. I have one friend who loves giraffes, and another friend who loves frogs, and yet another friend who loves orcas. They are all so interesting! I love that God made so many beautiful and amazing creatures for us to enjoy. I would be happy to create a drawing of your favorite animal. Tell me what you like about them in the comment section at checkout. God bless you.