Pencil Drawings

Pencil Drawings

Custom art is a gift that can never be duplicated. Every drawing is one of a kind. It won’t be sold in stores. And no one else is going to have one like it on their wall. It is special. It is unique.

My primary artwork is done in pencil. I can also do oil pastels. My specialty is animals. I can also draw flowers and other things, but my best work always seems to be animals. Do you have a photo of a pet that you would like to have made into a custom drawing? I can do that! I can also draw animals from other references. I can draw mammals, birds, reptiles and fish very well.  I’m not real great at drawing people, but I can try if you really want, I don’t guarantee the outcome will look like the photo though.

My standard rates for commissioned drawings are as follows:

8.5″ x 11″ sketch $300 (on standard printer paper)

9″ x 12″ drawing $500 (on high quality drawing paper)

11″ x 14″ drawing $700 (on high quality drawing paper)

14″ x 17″ drawing $1100 (on high quality drawing paper)

19″ x 24″ drawing $1500 (on high quality drawing paper)

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Note: The featured images on this page are not available for sale. They were commissioned drawings for clients.