Raw Fleece & Fiber

Introducing our Angora and Alpaca fleece & fiber!

We rescued 4 angora goats and 2 alpacas in November 2016. They had not been sheared that year. It was far too cold when we got them we did not shear them until Spring 2017. I’ve never done anything with any kind of fleece before. I had a lady that was going to teach me here but her health issues have been so bad she hasn’t been able to teach me. And I have had the worst Fibromyalgia symptoms I’ve ever had in my life so I haven’t been able to learn it on my own either. I’m going to have to shear them again in a couple of months and we have two babies from last spring that will be sheared this year too so we will have even more fleece! I hate to see these fleeces go to waste. I had wanted to turn the fiber into yarn that I could give to my Mom who crochets blankets, and to give some to a friend who makes hats for cancer patients at no cost to the patient, and for a couple friends who made chicken sweaters for me last year when my chickens were attacked in the winter and needed a cover until their feathers grew back. As it is I have raw unwashed fiber that needs to be processed. Some of it may be matted and unuseable but most of it is still good. It has been stored in these plastic bags since the day they were sheared. None of the animals came with fleece blankets so they have been through the weather while they were on the animals. We have 4 adult angora goats and 2 yearlings, 1 huacaya alpaca, and 1 suri alpaca. Each fleece is priced PER OUNCE. I am also willing to trade 50/50 for processed yarn, buyer pays shipping.

Mocha 2017 – herd matriarch (Passed away October 4, 2018)

Latte 2017 – oldest daughter

Cupcake 2017 – 2016 whether, twin

Sugar 2017 – 2016 doe, twin

Cloud 2017 prime – suri alpaca, herd guardian – 2nds

Coco 2017 prime – huacaya alpaca, intact male – 2nds

Chiffon the bold – 2017 doe, twin born on Pi day

Canellie the shy – 2017 doe, twin born on Pi day

Fleece to Yarn 50/50 Trade