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Happy Birthday Grandma!

I’m not able to be near my Grandma for her birthday because we are separated by 2000 miles. Wish I could be there with her today. In honor of her 89th birthday today, I offer everyone a 50% off discount when you use code: Grandma at checkout. This coupon code is valid through the end of August, 2017. Thank you for shopping my art store! I look forward to creating a drawing of your beloved pet or favorite animal, or whatever it is you want me to draw. God bless you. And Happy Birthday Grandma!

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Grand Opening Sale ends Today – Special Offer!!!

Thank you for taking the time to visit my new online art store. I’m so glad you are here!  Today (5-21-2017) is the last day of the Grand Opening sale. If you wanted me to create a custom drawing for you or for a loved one, today would be the best day to get a great deal on commissioned artwork. I will offer a 17% off coupon – on top of the sale price! – to the first 5 orders placed before midnight tonight. USE CODE: Grand17 at checkout. What would you like me to draw for you?

About the featured drawing: I drew this angel after experiencing a powerful vision during our nightly prayer time. I saw this image of an inconsolable angel that was blue with sorrow. I kept expecting the angel to stand up and spread its wings in praise to the Lord, but it just sat on the doorstep weeping and weeping in the most heart-shattering sorrow. I have seen visions of angels several times, but this was the only one I ever saw in color like this, and the only one I ever saw that wasn’t standing tall praising the Lord. When something so terrible happens that it makes the angels cry, it is very sorrowful indeed. The Bible promises us in Psalm 30:5 though that weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning. I’m looking forward to that spiritual morning when joy fills our hearts once again, as it has been a very long night.

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Grand Opening Sale Ends May 21

My first week online is coming to a close. Do you have a special occasion to celebrate that a truly unique gift would make it spectacular? Perhaps you have a place on your wall that needs a custom drawing to finish out your decor? Now is the best time ever to commission a drawing from me! It’s easy! Just choose the size of drawing that you want, and after you complete your order from the shopping cart you will have an opportunity to describe to me what you want me to draw. If you have a photo of the subject you can email that to me, or you can just describe what you want me to draw and I will find something that I think you will love. I have some time available still this week to complete drawings, so I should be able to get your order shipped on Monday or Tuesday if you order right away. Each drawing is one-of-a-kind. They make great graduation, birthday, anniversary, and wedding gifts! What would you like me to draw for that extra special someone in your life?