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Gift Drawings

In 2011 I set out to give all my closest friends and relatives one of my drawings as a gift. I didn’t have money to buy expensive presents, and didn’t want to make some cheap craft that would break in the first week. I wanted my gift to be meaningful to that person, and something that would last longer than a week hopefully. Drawing animals is something I can do. So I tried to find out each person’s favorite animal or got a picture of one of their pets, and drew a picture for them. One gift never made it to the recipient, my youngest brother. It got stolen in the mail in Alaska. I drew a picture of a Moose for him because it reminded me of Alaska and because my brother enjoyed hunting and I thought he might like a moose for his wall. This photo that I took of the drawing before I mailed it is the only record I have of the drawing. I wish my brother had gotten to see it, instead of the theif at the post office who stole his Christmas present. By the end of 2011 I had created over 50 drawings for friends and family. It was by far my most intensive art creation month before or since. I poured a lot of creative energy into that Christmas. There were no two drawings alike. All were original, one-of-a-kind drawings chosen specifically for that recipient. After my experience with the drawing being lost in the mail, I send all artwork certified mail with signature required now, to make sure it gets to the intended destination. This is why I have a shipping and handling charge for drawings that are not delivered in person, to make sure as much as possible within my power to make certain the drawing will arrive safely. Do you have someone in mind that would like a unique work of art for a gift this year?