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My thanks to a very special vet!

We bought 8 baby ducks for our kids for Easter. Yes, I like them too, they’re just as much for me as they are for the kids. But the kids picked them out. We got two Buff ducks, two blue Swedish ducks, and four Khaki Campbell ducks. One of the Khaki Campbell ducks got a swelling on her face, her name is Precious. We called and called to try to find a vet that would treat ducks. After a dozen calls we finally found one half an hour away, two towns over. Turns out she’s one of the best exotic vets in the valley, she has experience treating eagles, seagulls, cranes, and all manner of creatures. She even did a C-section on a guinea pig once. She drained the abscess and sent us home with some antibiotics and instructions to watch it and make sure it didn’t swell up again. Precious did great for the 5 days she was on antibiotics, but a couple of days after the antibiotics wore off, the swelling started coming back. We did everything the vet told us to do, but still it got worse and worse instead of getting better.  I sent photos of the swelling to the vet in texts and told her that she was starting to have trouble breathing. I explained we’d already spent all our money on the first visit and asked if there was anything else we could do. She had us bring Precious back in for another visit, said she wouldn’t charge us as it would be a follow-up. She took X-rays. The swelling was invading the nasal cavity, and that’s why she was having trouble breathing, and probably having trouble eating too. She needed surgery. This would be a very dangerous surgery mainly because birds don’t respond real well to anesthesia, but also because the swelling was in her nasal cavity so there was danger associated with that. She needed her best assistant to do the surgery and that couldn’t happen for several days. There were expenses associated with this surgery that we couldn’t afford, and she knew that. I was so worried that we were going to have yet another bill we couldn’t pay, or just not be able to do it and Precious would have a short life due to that swelling on her face. She talked to her employer and they came up with a plan that would allow Precious to have the surgery anyway. I was so thankful!! I got an idea while we were standing there in the office. I asked the vet what her favorite animal was. She said her favorite was Red Tailed Hawks, she loves raptors. So while we waited for the surgery day to arrive, I looked at pictures of Red Tailed Hawks for reference, and drew this piece of art as a gift for our most amazing vet. Precious is home and recovering now, and doing well. I’m so thankful for the Lord’s provision for us, and for our little duckling. I hope the work of my hands is a blessing to the vet who helped us as well.