Modern Art Chimp – pencil drawing


This is a one-of-a-kind original drawing. There are no prints or reproductions available. This is a drawing of a chimpanzee created by Laurene Wells.

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Modern Artist Chimp by Laurene Wells 11-11-2004

This drawing of a chimpanzee creating a painting was created in November, 2004 by Laurene Wells as a reaction to a Sotheby’s auction of “blue and yellow” selling for over $17 million. Laurene felt very under-appreciated and somewhat angry at the art collection industry for paying such high prices for silly paintings that could be created by anyone with a paintbrush, canvas, and paints in half an hour, but wouldn’t even talk to a new artist that spends many hours, days or even weeks creating a highly detailed work of art. She was also angry that the original artist never even got any of that money, it all goes to collectors and curators, and the artists themselves can barely survive.

Perhaps Laurene is the only one who feels this way about the art industry however, because the drawing has been up for online auction twice and never sold. She is offering it for sale outright for $1200 now. She will ship direct from her home to the new owner.

It was previously framed, but the frame broke during a move. The top right corner was also torn during that incident. Thankfully the broken glass did not damage the face of the drawing. It is currently being offered unframed, but framing is available. Please contact Laurene if you have specific framing preferences.

This is an original one-of-a-kind graphite pencil artwork. There are no prints or reproductions available.

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